Beijing Tongren Tang Dahuoluo Dan : (T02-TRT5)

Beijing Tongren Tang Dahuoluo Dan : (T02-TRT5)
Item# T02-TRT5
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Product Description

The recipe of Tongrentang's Dahuoluo Pills comes from the Recipes for Healthy Life compiled by Zhang Shiche in 1550, the 29 th year of the reign of Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty. Through generations of renovation, it has evolved into a more appropriate ingredient composition. An effective recipe for due to wind-damp-cold impediment , it treats both tip and root,supplement and attack simultaneous,and consider both evil and right.

Actions: Dispel wind,soothe sinews,quicken the network vessels and eliminate dampness

Ingredients: agkistradon, radix clematidis, scorpio, rhizoma gastrodiae

Indications: Pain in the limbs, numbness of the hands and feet, hypertonicity of the sinews,wind stroke paralysis, deviated mouth and eyes, hemiplegia, and deranged in speech due to wind-cold-damp impediment

Usage and dosage: As dietary supplement, take one drop a day

Net Wt.: 1.3 oz (36g)

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