Crane Origami Diagram


Crane origami

origami Start with an origami square. Fold one tip of the corner to the matching opposite corner. You will have a triangle, which you will fold in half again.   origami Fold this triangle in half again but bring it back to its previous state. Bring the left tip of the base to the right tip of the base. This should fold easily to a square due to the crease you just made before. Do the same to the other side, so that you end up with a square.  
origami Remember that that the open tip of the diagonal points to the bottom. Align each middle tip to the center crease on both sides.   origami Fold the top portion over the edges on both sides and bring it back. Bring back the other previous folds to the orignal positions. These creases help you on the next step. Here's the tricky part. Fold the lower tip over to the top, while holding the rest of the bottom with your thumb. The crease you just made before should automatically fall into place.  
origami Apply the same step to the other side.   origami Remember to keep the open part on the bottom and the enclosed one at the top. Fold the bottom portion to the center crease on both sides.  
origami Apply the same step to the other side.   origami You have two folded legs at the bottom. One will eventually become the tail and the other the head. Here's the second tricky part. Focus on one side of the leg by unfolding it and bringing the whole part up over to the top. Do the same to the other side.  
origami Choose one tip of the folded legs and make a beak by creasing it down.   origami The last part is to blow some air into the bottom of the hole for its puffiness and bring down the wings to make them look more natural.  
origami You are finished now!

Congratulations. Now you have 999 more cranes left. It is believed in Japan that 1000 origami cranes may fulfill your most wanted wish.