Instant Herbal Jelly : Chuan Jia Gui Ling Gao Jing (S45)

Instant Herbal Jelly : Chuan Jia Gui Ling Gao Jing (S45)
Item# S45
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Product Description

Instant herbal jelly is made according to the famous herbalist recipe. It is convenient to take and good for any occasions year around.

Functions and indications:,br> Nourishing yin and clearing heat, resolving blood toxin. Specially effective on recovering from skin disorder.

Caution: Do not use if pregnant.

Well mix noe bag of instant herbal jelly with a little warm water, then pour in 5 oz. of boiling hot water while stirring quickly till becomes smooth. Allow to set to cool, then ready to serve.

Active ingredients
Honeysuckle, Chrysanthemum sclerotium Poriae, Pearl Powder, mesona Chinese benth

Net Wt
10g x 12 bags

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