Farser Kai Yeung Pill : Zhong Guo Hua She Jie Yang (S04) : OS

Farser Kai Yeung Pill : Zhong Guo Hua She Jie Yang (S04) : OS
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Product Description

Porta & Forsythia Combo Extract : The main symptom of either general or local pruritus is itching and agitating.

There are many causes for the occurance of pruritus. General or local pruritus may occur owing to disturbances in secretion, deficiency of certain vitamins, dryness of skin, certain food, drugs and cosmetics, and also the change of weather.

Functions and indications:
Dispels wind-damp, relieves the surface, sedates heat, dispels toxins, and tonifies and circulates blood and qi. This formula counteracts skin itching, and is indicated for various pruritus and eczema disease, dermatitis, fungal infection, and skin itching due to allergenic and drug reactions.

Packing: 50 pills per box.

Caution: Do not use if pregnant.

Pruritus universalis, Pruritus Hyperglycemia, Pruritus pregnancy, erythematous eczema, pruritus rheumatica, itch caused by drug reaction

Orally three times a day before meals. 5 pills each for adults and 3 pills each for children with warm water

Active ingredients
Astragalus refiexistipulus 10%, Panax Ginseng 5%, Xanthium strumarium 5%, Ligusticum acutilbum 10%, Angelica Anomala Pall 10%, Saposhinkovia Divari sch 10%, Agkistrobon acutus 10%, Atractylis lancea va. ovata 10%, Rehmannia Glutinosa libosch 5%, Cnidium officinale 5%, Selinum Japoncum miq 10%, Zaocys dhumnades 10%

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