Pian Zi Huang Yin Dan Ping Gan (S65)

Pian Zi Huang Yin Dan Ping Gan (S65)
Item# S65
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Product Description

For thousands of years, the Chinese have used traditional herbal formulas to maintain healthy functions within the body. Yin Dan Ping Gan capsules combine the knowledge of this traditional herbal study with modern scientific principles. Today this product is recognized throughout Southeast Asia as an herbal formula that maintains healthy liver function.

Functions and indications:
Clears heat and disinhibits dampness£¨drains fire and abates jaundice, nourishes the blood and supplements the liver. Obviously effects for acute or chronic hepatitis, virus hepatitis, also obviously effects for reliving the variety of symptom of liver fire flaming upward such as insomnia, taste bitter in the mouth, dry throat, dizziness and headache, vexation, agitation, and irascibility etc. caused by hepatitis and busy life.

Caution: Do not use if pregnancy.

As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules each time, three times daily.

Active ingredients
Artemisia shoots, Chinese Gentian root, Baical skullcap root, Capejasmine fruit, Peony root, Angelica root, Licorice root

20 capsules

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