Abri Tea Extract : Ji Gu Cao Wan (K270) : OS

Abri Tea Extract  : Ji Gu Cao Wan (K270) : OS
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Product Description

Abri Tea Extract has been formulated from a combination of folk's remedies. It is being recognized by herbalists to help maintain proper liver function.

Functions and indications: Clears heat and damp-heat of the liver, nourishes and invigorates liver blood. Developed specifically for acute and chronic hepatitis with jaundice. Excellent results without side-effects In acute hepatitis. Also useful for dispelling liver heat due to stagnation.

Packing: 500mg X 60 pills per bottle.

Caution: Do not use if pregnant.

Direction: As a dietary supplement, take 4 capsules 3 times a day.

Lesser Speargrass, Chinese peony, Yin-chen wormwood, Gardenia, Jujube, Lycium, Tienchi ginseng powder.

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