Natural Green Tea Extract : Xin Nao Jian (S15)

Natural Green Tea Extract : Xin Nao Jian (S15)
Item# S15
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Product Description

Promote head and eye, supplement the vitalenergy and activate blood circulation; suitable for dizziness and arcus senilis, oppressed feeling in chest and shortness of breath, and dispirited. Having the effects on anticoagulating, promoting the solution of fibrinogen, preventing platelet adhesiveness, reducing plasma fibrinogen. Meanwhile, having a preventing and curing effect on angiocardiopathy concomitant hyfibrinogen deficiency and atherosclerosis, tumor radiotherapy, leukopenia resulting from chonotherapy

Taking orally three times a day and two capsules each time or taking in accordance with doctor's instruction.

Green tea extract 100% (tea-polyphenols 100mg/capsule)

24 capsules

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