Nu Chit Bo : Nu Zhi Bao (S23)

Nu Chit Bo : Nu Zhi Bao (S23)
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Product Description

Nu Chit Bo, an indispensible high-quality medicine of enriching the blood and building up the physique for women, is a new type gynaecological good medicine.

This medicine is made up from the precious pilose antler, deer placenta, grade-quality red ginseng and the varieties of rare medicine herbs growing in the Chanbai Mountain. It is through clinical practice and patients's taking it in recent years that this medicine has been demonstrated to be tangible therapeutical effect on gynaecological diseases and syndrome of the climacteric.

Efficacious on regulating the menstrual functions, enriching the blood, warming the womb, stopping leucorrhoea, relieving oedema, invigorating the circulation, stopping pain, building up the health and delaying the decrepitude

The varieties of gynaecological diseases such as: irregular menstruation, menstruation abdominal pain, long un-impregnantion, uterine bleeding, red morbid leucorrhoea, the four limb feebleness, kidney weakness and lumbago, etc.

Functions and indications:
regulating menstruation and arresting bleeding, warming the womb and arresting leukorrhagia, promoting blood circulation to remove stasis and promoting generation of blood. Use for irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, leukorrhagia, sterility due to cold in the womb, abdominal pain after delivery, etc.

As a dietary supplement, take 6 pills 2 times a day before meals

60 pills

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