Rose Origami Diagram


The origami rose is a very popular creation in Asia at this moment. There are already quite a few directions as to folding a rose but this one in particular is different. While other origami roses use the conventional origami paper, this one requires creased paper (a very stretchable and flexible kind). 

rose origami The dimensions should be 60cm in length and 8cm in width. Fold the piece horizontally in half.
rose origami Fold the right top side as shown above.
rose origami Align the top and fold it into half again.
rose origami The right tip folds over to the left, whereby aligning it to the left side.   
rose origami Following the diagonal line, fold it backwards. It is important to press on the fold lightly at this point.
rose origami Hold onto the tip that is circled and roll it around toward the same direction. Note: the parallel lines indicate the twisting/rolling around the inner rose part.
rose origami

rose8.gif (2146 bytes)

Be careful not to press too hardly on the circled part or else the rose will not have the opulent effect at the end. After turning the piece around, you will have an extra 2cm at the end. Fold that piece over to the back as indicated above.
rose origami rose origami Repeat step 7 until you dont have any more paper left to twist it around again. Fold the residual piece and conform it to the rose.
rose origami Use a wire and flower tape to fasten the rose. Lastly, secure the stem to the flower. The rose is ready!
rose origami