Tibet Emperor's Teasure Dietary Supplement : Zang Wang Bao (S103)

Tibet Emperor's Teasure Dietary Supplement : Zang Wang Bao (S103)
Item# S103
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Product Description

This unique formula is developed and formulated by the famous Tibetan Traditional Herbal master Dr. Cuoru Cailang after decades of research and hard work.

The specially selected herbal ingredients were harvested in 12,000 feet above Tibetan mountain, then carefully prepared and blended to enhance their individual property. It is the result of ancient Tibetan wisdom and modern technology.

Tibet Emperor's Treasure helps restore your body's natural defense system, promote general well being and optimum body's vitality.

Functions and indications:
Use for lower immune ability, weak constitution, premature senility, beard and hair early white, lower anti-disease ability, easy common cold, infecting time after time, dry syndrome, haemolytic anaemia, virus hepatitis, virus cephalitis, some nephritis.

Packing: 350mg X 40 pills per box.

Caution: Do not use if pregnant.

As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules each time, two times daily.

Active ingredients
Cordyceps sinensis, Kirilow rhodiola root, Ginseng root, King solomonseal rhizome

Net Wt
40 capsules (350mg each)

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