Liver Well Care : Tibetan Formulas Gan Sheng (S11) : OS

Liver Well Care : Tibetan Formulas Gan Sheng (S11) : OS
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Product Description

Functions and indications:
Moving qi and quickening the blood, clearing heat and diminishing inflammation, calming the liver and dishibiting the gallbladder. Use for liver pain and swelling, cholecystitis, early icteric pneumonia.

Packing: 36 pills per box.

Caution: Do not use if pregnant.

Supports the immune system, promote circulation. Helps maintain liver function and the body's natural balance.

As a dietary supplement, take 3 capsules 3 times a day

Morning : Fructus chebulae fruit, Gypsum, Elecampane inula root, Cstus root, Herba dracoephali tangutici leaf & stem, Safflower flower, Trogptus xanthipes Milne - Edwards

Afternoon : Herba acomiti tanguici entire plant, Herba Saxifrague pasumensis flower, Herba Meconopsis entire plant, Caulis et rhizoma aristolochiae stem, Veronica ciliate fisch, Fructus chebalue fruit, Salfron chapiter

Night : Safflower flower, Veronica ciliate fisch entire plant, Herba meconopsidis entire plant, Caulis et rhizoma aristolochiae moupinensis stem, Trogoptrus xanthipes Milne-Edwards, Semen herpetospemi seed, Herba swertiae entire plant, costus root

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