Yanourish Remedy : You Gui Wan (K258)

Yanourish Remedy : You Gui Wan (K258)
Item# K258
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Product Description

Assist the body's natural balance, promote Yang vitality, warm up the whole system and maintain general well being.

Functions and indications:
To replenish the yang of the kidney and treat spermatorrhea. Use for a person with deficiency of kidney yang. The symptoms are: face pale, intolerance of cold, hands and feet cold, spontaneous perspiration, early ejaculation of sperms, impotence, knees and lower back sore and painful, dizziness, enuresis (incontinence of urine), spermatorrhea.

Packing: 300mg X 100 pills per bottle.

Caution: Do not use if pregnant.

Direction: As a dietary supplement, take 6-8 pills 3 times a day after meal with warm water.

Rehmannia root, Asiatic cornelian cherry fruit, Cinnamon bark, Common yam rhizome, Eucommia bark, Dodder seed, Tangkwei root

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