Energy: Wuchaseng Tablet : (L23) : OS

Energy: Wuchaseng Tablet : (L23) : OS
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Wuchaseng tablets are prepared from Wuchaseng, a rare herb indigenous to the Heilungkiang distric in Northeast China.

Wuchaseng (Eleuth - Ococcus Senticosus) 100%

Accelerates the function of the brain and kidney. Whets the appetite improves eyesights and hearing.

1. This preparation has a sedative effect for the central nervous system. and is most efficacious for the common symptoms of neurasthenia, such as insomnia incubus amnesia dizziness poor appetite palpitation depression etc 5-7 days of administration will bring about desired effects, enabling the user to sleep better, eat more, restoring memory and refreshing the mind.

2. It has proven therapeutic effects for coronary heart diseases as thorax depression, dyspnea dizziness, angina pectoris etc. Desire effect is brought about in 2-3 weeks of administration. Prolonged administration will give better effects.

3. Satisfactory results for general deblitation senility, osre limbs or athritic pains.

4. Through long research and clinical practice. It has been observed that this preparation to different extents, cures leukopenia cuased by physiotherapy and chemotherapy.

5. This preparation also helps stimulate and restore the functions of the organs of the inflm or aged, and of those weakened after illness or childbirth.

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