Hung Ngor San Bian Wan : Xiong Er San Bian (S20) : OS

Hung Ngor San Bian Wan : Xiong Er San Bian (S20) : OS
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Product Description

Kwangchow Special Quality San Bian Wan is made into pills and capsules from precious Chinese medicinal materials with modern scientific method in accordance with a secret nostrum handed down from ancient times. It is easy to be taken, to be absorbed by the body and to be carried. It is an everyday strengthening and nourishing drug for life and travel. Taking it regularly will fill you with vigour and strength.

Producing sperm and nourishing blood, invigorating brain and strengthening the body, regulating the internal functions of the body and promoting metabolism.

Debility of the body, loss of both blood and vital essences, weariness and restlessness, neurasthenia, amnesia and insomnia, spontaneous sweating and abnormal sweating, premature senility, shortness of blood and vital essences, poor appetite, backache and lumbago, menoxenia, etc.

As a dietary supplement take, twice a day and 1 capsule each time, with lukewarm water.

Active ingredients
Yam, Angelicae sinensis, Poria cocos, Epimedium Macranthum, Lycium Chinense, Polygala japonica, Cinnamon, Wuchow gecko, Sika deer antler, seahorse, Panax ginseng, Fur seal, Sika deer.

20 capsules.

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