Vitality Support : Lung Fu Chuang Yeung Dan (S19) : OS

Vitality Support : Lung Fu Chuang Yeung Dan (S19) : OS
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Product Description

Enriching nutrition, enforcing spirit, generation of body power, keeping body healthy, free from illness and enlonging life

Unhealthy body, lack of blood & spirit, growing old, under growth, over working, neurasthenia, cannot sleep, loss of appetite

Adults - Take 1 pill two times a day. Allow to dissolve in the mouth or take after dissolving in boiled water. Children - Take pill two times a day.

Ginseng, Astrgalus membranaceues, Epimedium grandiflorum, Wild American ginseng, Cistanche salsa, Alpinia oxyphylla, Polygonum multiflorum

20 pills

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