Wild Ginseng Pill : Ye Shan Ren Shen Wan (S06)

Wild Ginseng Pill : Ye Shan Ren Shen Wan (S06)
Item# S06
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Product Description

This capsule is a potent tonic with specific effects in promoting vitality and hematogenesis, strengthening muscles and bones, relieving fatigue, increasing memory, and invigorating the renal and sexual functions.

Functions and indications:
Strengthens the heart, supplements five viscera and resists fatigue, strengthens enginery. Use for weakness of illness, neurasthenic, menopausethe disorder. Ití»s a very good tonic for strengthening yang , rejuvenation and resisting senility.

Directions: Take 1 pill 2 times a day, morning or evening when empty stomach. If necessary to supplement greatly original qi take other 2 pills in the night.

Packing: 18 pills per box.

Caution: Do not use if pregnant.

Decline of sexuality, aching back-bone, cold limbs, nervousness, tiredness, impotence, ringing ears, cardiomalacia and arrhythmia, exhaustive thinking, restless, anemia, decline of memory and sexual excess

A Mongholieus bunge 8%, wild ginseng 70%, Pilose antler 10%, Gekko gecko 12%

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